Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have ran a limited number of shirts for our upcoming shows this August,  The "goat" design was done by our friend Julien Anet, a french artist, you can view more of her work here at: the "skull" design was done by our very own G. Colson, you can find more of his work here at We want to thank everyone for all their kind words and support at our show last Wednesday w/ Dark Castle, and Yob. It means a great deal to us to know that people enjoy what we are putting out there, it make doing this even more worth it.

We have TWO more shows left this month, one with Alpinist(Germany)/Masakari, and one with Drought (NM) we hope that all of you can make it out to one or hell, BOTH of these and show your support for independent music and culture. more news in the coming weeks, make sure to also go take a listen if you haven't already to some of the new (unmastered) clips with have put up on our FB and Bandcamp, the bandcamp address is

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