Friday, July 15, 2011


On Tues we started the process of recording, the whole process went very well, and we could not be happier with the outcome. The whole process was done over a span of 2 days, in a dark, hot, and swampy warehouse/artspace venue in downtown Phoenix. We loaded all of our gear in the night before and showed up bright and early on the 12th ready to record, setting up full-stacks and drums, as well as all of the mics, and recording gear. At the helm of the engineering was John Mckay of Suitcase Recordings.. We love working with John, he is very focused, super professional, fun to hang with and an all around awesome guy, Some of us are even more comfortable from working with him in the past for other projects..

After setting up we started tracking, all of the tracking was done live with some overdubbing.. Everything went along pretty smoothly, the intense heat and damp, humid, AND dark conditions gave us the right environment to feel really creative and really get into the tone of our music and the way we wanted it to sound.. as cliche as it sounds it really makes as difference..along with the high ceilings and concrete floors of the space.. it felt almost other worldly recording there.. with the lights off and just a few beams of light peaking through the curtains.. it defiantly got us in the right mindset to record, rather than recording in a cold. boring studio.

As day two began we finished most of the overdubbing needed, and then eventually moved onto vocals, after numerous trips to the pizza place around the corner, and the dive bar next door, and what seemed like a couple hundred pitchers of beer.. we wrapped tracking up. We couldn't be more happy with the results.. and are really looking forward to sharing it with everyone. We are in the process of setting up some sessions for mixing and then we should have some sort of a sample to share with you soon.

 Till then, we have numerous shows lined up, and more info on fall Cali dates coming, as well as some info on merch and other stuff so keep checking back... and as always you can find more updates to feed you inner social networking beast at our facebook. Thanks for all of your support, and more info soon.

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